Mexican Wedding Decorations Papel Picado | 10m/32ft Traditional Handmade Mexican Wedding Decorations

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Mexican wedding papel picado white bunting are the ultimate, beautiful and easy to hang, traditional Mexican wedding reception decorations!

In the main photo there are ten of our 5 metre / 16' 4" wide banners hung up, which can be bought here: - other than the length, the banners are exactly the same, so just choose the length that suits your venue best (5m or 10m). All our banners can either be cut down to size of your venue (just tear off the excess flags and cut the string to the desired length), or to make longer garlands, tie them together at each end.

Our Mexican wedding bunting, papel picado banners are meticulously, individually, hand-cut in fine white tissue paper - by the best papel picado artisans in Mexico - using a hammer and a set of hundreds of differently shaped chisels. Papel Picado is a true traditional Mexican art form!

Each individual 10 metre (32.8ft) garland of papel picado wedding party decorations is exactly as shown in the item's images. 

Feature one Mexican wedding banner alone, to make a pretty and elegant statement! Or to create an amazingly romantic and Mexican ambiance, fill your venue - be it a church, barn, restaurant, club, house, hotel etc - with this Mexican bunting and it is guaranteed to look totally magical!

Each Mexican wedding banner has 18 premium quality white tissue paper large flags. Each flag features a different wedding inspired theme of hearts, doves, flowers / and measures 47cm x 35cm / 18.5"x13.5" (slightly larger than A3). They are beautiful paper wedding decorations, perfect for people looking for an eco/sustainable wedding decorations option.

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★ All our papel picado banners are handmade in Mexico and sold from the UK.
 Papel picado always looks best in abundance! The more papel picado you put up, the more amazing your venue will look!
★ Create the perfect garland lengths for your venue. Make longer garlands by joining various banners together at each end. To make shorter garlands; rip off any excess flags from one end, and cut the string at that end to the desired garland length (use the excess flags to decorate other areas).
★ To hang your papel picado, just tie the string at each end to a wall/post/tree/curtain rail, with either cellotape or a tack
★ This papel picado is exactly as shown in the photographs.

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