Personalised Mexican Wedding Papel Picado Decorations in Custom Colours

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★ Unique personalised wedding decorations bunting 100% guaranteed to wow every guest at your wedding reception!
★ Each Tissue Paper Flag measures 47cm x 35cm / 18.5"x13.5" - and there are 10 flags per 5m / 16.4ft of string
★ Free Matching Mini Papel Picado Flags come with every order and make perfect favors. (Mini tissue paper flag measures 15cm x 12cm (5.9in x 4.7in) and is attached to 30cm/1ft wooden cocktail stick).
★ You will receive the same number of matching mini papel picado flags as the total quantity of metres of Personalised Wedding Bunting that you order (e.g. 100 meters = 100 free flags) extra flags can be ordered separately here:
★ Production time 2-3 weeks (Urgent orders can be made in 1 week (message me to check first...) Handmade in Mexico using traditional crafts.
✉️ International FedEx Insured Worldwide Delivery - to USA in 1-3 working days (£32), to Europe 2-4 working days (£41), Australia & Worldwide: 3-5 working days (£46)
★ Custom length banners / wedding reception decorations to fit your venue perfectly
★ How Much To Order? - Papel Picado looks great hung at 1 metre / 3 foot intervals - if you don't know how much Personalised Wedding Decorations to order, message me with the dimensions of the venue & a photo and I'll let you know straight away...
★ Plastic Flags - we can make your Personalised Wedding Decorations from plastic flags instead if you are hanging it outside and fear it may rain - just let me know
★ How To Order - scroll down to view info
★ To Hang - just use clear cellotape (or a tack if you prefer) or tie around anything
★ Would you like colourful bunting instead?
----------- ★ ----------- ★ ----------- ★ ----------- ★ ----------- ★ ----------- ★ ----------- ★

HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER of our Personalized Wedding Decorations:

1) "Select Total Length" (on right of photos) - select the total quantity of Personalised Wedding Decorations you need
2) Choose Free Mini Flags - you can order up to the same quantity of flags as your total meters of Papel Picado (e.g. if you are ordering 100m you can get up to 100 mini flags)
3) Quantity - leave this as 1
4) And In the Notes area of your order please write:
a) YOUR FIRST NAMES in the order in which you want them to appear on the flags
b) DATE OF THE WEDDING e.g. 8.27.17 or 27.8.17 depending on which you prefer
c) GARLAND INDIVIDUAL LENGTHS - based on what matches your venue best, what length would you like the garlands cut down to? , i.e. strands of 3m or 5m or 5ft,'s your choice.
d) your cell phone number to put on the FedEx courier delivery

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